Our organisation



Encompassing years of professional experience in the sectors of service standards, quality assurance training in the special fields of Health Care and Hospitality and to the combined special market of Health Tourism, our International Experts’ team has created a series of training sessions under the brand: “Health and Tourism Training Excellence”.

Our programs are developed by experts’ committees with a vast reference basis consisting of international literature, references and scientific resources. Professional specialization and experience has also been incorporated to multiply the value of the trainings not only to graduates but also to employees sharing significant innovative and up-to-date knowledge as well as business best practice with them, aiming to directly affect their daily activities and performance. 

The content of the programs is peer-reviewed and continuously updated by our team of experts who possess vast experience and specialization in the healthcare and hospitality sectors. 



Our vision-mission

Our company leads to be the world’s leading training company for excellence in health tourism and hospitality industry. The training programs provide the necessary knowledge for the optimization of the health tourists’ care, the proper relation management of international guests, and to this end, the amelioration regarding guests’ satisfaction in the hospitality section.


Our Strategy

Developed by experts’ commitees, the programs aim to share up to date information and successfull implemented best practices worldwide, in a user-friendly and interactive on line plattform bringing together the benefits of the modern technology and accurate knowledge.