Occupational Health and Safety in the Healthcare Sector



What is Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)?

The Joint ILO/WHO Committee on Occupational Health stated that “Occupational health should aim at the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations; the prevention of health incidents caused by working conditions; the protection of workers from risks resulting from factors adverse to health; the creation of an occupational environment adapted to physiological and psychological capabilities of the employees”.


The importance of OHS in the Healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is a very demanding, sensitive and high-risk field in comparison to other working environments in the modern world. Healthcare units are increasingly becoming aware of the need to develop, manage and maintain policies and programs related to health and safety in the workplace. Healthcare staff is exposed to wide range of risks caused by the internal and external environment (biological and chemical agents, musculoskeletal disorders, psychosocial disorders, infectious factors and waste, etc.), thus the protection of the health and safety of hospital personnel has to be improved and fortified. Healthcare staff should be educated on what is required to implement as an effective risk management system, to identify hazards, evaluate the associated risks acquiring the ability to communicate the potential risks within the organization. Reducing occupational accidents not only decreases the number of injuries, property damage, legal liability and financial costs, but also enhances the overall reputation of the organization and boosts employees’ satisfaction.


The purpose of this seminar is to forward adequate knowledge regarding the prevention of risks and good practice for healthcare workers, focusing on the most significant risks in the sector. Moreover, participants will be informed of the nature of risks and the methods of risk assessment, in addition to measures and training options in order to prevent adverse health effects. Furthermore, the seminar focuses on the importance of Hygiene, the Infection control and prevention procedures in the healthcare sector concerning communicable diseases management principles.


Subjects and Learning objectives of the training program

  • Clarification of terms regarding OHS
  • Identification of the healthcare environment - Identification and evaluation of hazards and risks associated with workplace activities in healthcare services
  • Demonstrate the importance of Hygiene/General Hygiene Practices/The role of Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Present health and safety dimensions, infection control and prevention in Healthcare Sector
  • Development and implementation of a health and safety management system
  • Development and implementation of control strategies for managing health and safety risks in health units - Preventive Measures and management against Communicable Diseases
  • Reporting and investigating health and safety related incidents in health units
  • Reducing the impact of workplace activities on the environment.
  • Accident Prevention, Loss Control and OHS Management Systems